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Ocular Cancer Treatment in Oklahoma

Ocular cancer can be particularly challenging due to its subtle symptoms and complex nature, often making the treatment journey seem overwhelming.

At Oklahoma CyberKnife, we recognize the unique hurdles you face and are committed to empowering you throughout your treatment process.

Our approach combines advanced technology with compassionate care to ensure you receive the most effective and personalized treatment available.

Understanding Ocular Cancer

Ocular cancer involves the growth of abnormal cells in or near the eye, potentially affecting vision and eye function.

Recognizing the risk factors for ocular cancer is essential for proactive care as an early diagnosis, combined with advanced treatments, significantly enhances the management and prognosis of this condition.

  • Age: Risk increases with age, particularly in individuals over 50.
  • UV Exposure: Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light can raise the risk of ocular melanoma.
  • Light Eye Color: Individuals with blue or green eyes are at higher risk.
  • Genetic Factors: A family history of ocular cancer or genetic conditions like dysplastic nevus syndrome elevates the risk.
  • Race: Caucasians are more likely to develop ocular cancer than people of other races.
  • Certain Eye Conditions: Conditions like ocular melanocytosis or having moles in the eye increase the likelihood.
  • Weakened Immune System: Those with compromised immune systems, such as individuals with HIV/AIDS or on immunosuppressive medications, are at higher risk.

The CyberKnife Treatment for Ocular Cancer

The CyberKnife technology delivers precise, high-dose radiation directly to eye tumors, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues and preserving as much vision as possible. This state-of-the-art treatment is not only highly effective but also involves fewer sessions and shorter recovery times when compared to traditional radiation therapy.

The CyberKnife system is particularly beneficial for ocular cancer due to its exceptional precision and adaptability.

The system continuously tracks and adjusts to the slightest movements, ensuring that radiation is delivered with pinpoint accuracy. This level of precision is crucial for treating delicate structures in and around the eye, reducing the risk of side effects and preserving vital functions.

Benefits of CyberKnife Treatment

  • Non-Invasive Treatment: The CyberKnife delivers precise radiation therapy without surgery, eliminating risks like infection and extended recovery times.
  • Real-Time Tracking: The CyberKnife adjusts to slight eye movements in real-time, ensuring consistent and accurate radiation delivery while preserving surrounding healthy tissues and vision.
  • Reduced Side Effects: The CyberKnife’s targeted approach minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissues, reducing side effects and maintaining a better quality of life.
  • Effective for Complex Tumors: The CyberKnife effectively treats tumors in delicate, hard-to-reach areas around the eye, offering hope for complex ocular cancers.

Why Oklahoma CyberKnife

Expert Guidance: Our highly skilled specialists craft personalized treatment plans for your specific ocular cancer needs.

Targeted Technology: Our center offers the CyberKnife system right here in Oklahoma, bringing advanced cancer treatment closer to home.

Empowering Care: We prioritize compassionate, patient-centered support, giving you control and confidence throughout your journey.

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Ocular cancer presents unique challenges, but Oklahoma CyberKnife is here to provide the support and care you need. 

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Ocular cancer is rare. Only about 3,500 cases are diagnosed a year in the U.S.


Radiation therapy has a success rate of up to 90% for treating ocular cancer.